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Simple Terminal application (With IRC Client) This program is a terminal that runs on the TI-84+, and probably the TI-83+ as well. It just displays arbitrary text data received on the link port to the screen using its own protocol. The source of the computer end is included (Win32 C++) I am not including the z80 since I can… 450
Ludum Dare 22 - The Lonesome Pixel This is my submission for Ludum Dare 22. Controls: Arrow keys: Movement / Jump R: Restart level Escape: Quit game You are the red pixel. Feel free to make your own levels; they're just plain old 24 bit bitmaps. [About the update: I added a window caption and an icon… 714
Calc2Key - Control your computer with your TI-83+/84+ This is just a simple tool that you can use to control your computer with your TI-Z80 via a SilverLink. I've made it as user friendly as I can, short of using a Win32/GTK+ GUI. Installation information is included with the bundled readme. Note: One of the requirements is a wo… 989 9/10
Mastermind This is a version of Mastermind, submitted to TI-Concours. Enjoy it. 362


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