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The TI-84 Plus CSE is largely incompatible with programs designed for the monochrome or CE calculators, but BASIC on the CSE is compatible with the CE so most programs designed for either will work correctly on a CSE and some monochrome BASIC programs will also work correctly. Most assembly programs require Doors CSE 8 to run, as do some BASIC programs.


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  1. This classic arcade game is now on color calculators! Use your paddle to bounce the
    ball past your opponent. This single-player Pong game comes with many options for
    difficulty and match duration. It runs smoothly and quickly. When you download this
    game, there will be two programs: one for slower calculators and one for faster

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  2. Welcome to Reaction Time! This is a simple game that helps you test your reaction skills and as well as have fun! Rack up that high score and challenge your friends!

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  3. A random number guessing game written in TI-Basic for the TI-83 Plus and 84 Plus family of calculators. If you use a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition or a TI-84 Plus CE, use RANDOM.8xp. Otherwise, use RANDBW.8xp.

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  4. This is a simple program which allows you to write programs WAY faster! It converts special commands, prefixes, keys, and data into a fully working BASIC program.

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  5. Answer trivia questions and make your way through to complete the game! Or make your own question packs and challenge your friends!

    WARNING: There is currently a bug which I cannot avoid where the level editor will sometimes crash. This is a problem with Celtic and I hope it doesn't happen to anybody.

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  6. Ever wanted to protect your programs form snoops? Well now you can! This program will protect other programs with disable time for "disabling" programs if the password is wrong. Will not affect DoorsCSE icon if there is one and the icon will still show up even if you protect a program. For BASIC programs only.

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  7. Ore Clicker is a game where you click to get ores/smelt ores into metal/sell metal for money. Buy stuff with your money to increase your efficiency. Maybe prestige/travel along the way? Written entirely in TI-Basic, guaranteed to work on the TI-84+CSE, probably works on the TI-84+CE as well. Does not require DoorsCSE.

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  8. This is a simulated temperature checker, just for fun. Detailed description and instructions in the readme. This is like the one I made for the TI-84 Plus CE, but it is ported to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. This does have a DoorsCSE icon, but DoorsCSE IS NOT REQUIRED to be able to run this program.
    Added Screenshots.

    Upgraded loading bars and updated subprograms so they don't graph functions in the middle of the program.
    Removed Old screenshots.

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  9. The RPG is a game where you can fight enemies, gain stats, explore caves, fight bosses and become the most powerful person there ever was. REQUIRES DOORS CSE 8.1 OR HIGHER!!

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  10. Note: PLEASE MAKE SURE that you download ALL OF THE LISTS into your calculator in addition to the main program.

    MULTREG is a program for all of your multiple linear regression needs!
    It includes a User Guide, a walkthrough of each function (titled "Wait, What?"), a coefficient matrix/SSE/multiple correlation coefficient calculator, a hypothesis test for specific coefficients, a prediction interval for Y, and a hypothesis test regarding reduced models.

    This is the first program that I've uploaded on Cemetech, and I've done my best to make it as comprehensive as possible, so any and all feedback is welcome! :)

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  11. This is a simulation, like my program "TEMPCHK" for the TI84 Plus C SE, this time, it simulates a virus check. This is just for fun. All aspects are controlled by random numbers. If you have suggestions, feel free to ask me on Cemetech! Enjoy!
    This is a port to the CSE of my program VRSCHK4 for the TI84PCE.
    Doors is NOT required to run this, although the program has a Doors icon

    **Third update: Updated subprograms so you don't get your math equations graphed when you are trying to get away from them! :)

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  12. The AppVar Editor is a simple program that makes it easy for a programmer to create and edit AppVars.
    This program does require Doors CSE 8.0 or higher to run. To use the program all you need to do is enter
    the name of the AppVar and the program will allow you to add lines, replace lines, and delete lines, and
    store a line into a string from an AppVar. This program also allows you to archive and unarchive an AppVar
    and convert an AppVar to an "XTEMP" program that can be renamed using Doors CSE features. It also comes
    with a program to AppVar converter. Included in the zipped folder is an AppVar that can be uploaded to your
    calculator to practice using this program.

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  13. Enter a word, and it can be reflected to you, making it difficult to decode without the calculator. Also available in TI-83, TI-84, and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

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  14. A very simple yet useful program that just has you enter in an equation (in terms of Y=) and then
    the X value of the tangent line. From there, the program will calculate the equation of the
    tangent line for that equation and at the entered X value. This program will also store both equations
    into the Y1 and Y2 variables of the calculator.

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  15. C8SALT is the first ever TI-BASIC CHIP-8 emulator. Play all your favorite CHIP-8 games (as well as some SCHIP games) at a blistering 0.2 FPS!
    9 programs are included with C8SALT, along with a ROM converter written in Python 3 allowing you to use your own CHIP-8 games with C8SALT.
    You can even import your own custom fonts! V1.2 Fixes VIP style shifts and makes optimizations.

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  16. TIFREAK8x IS THE ORIGINAL CREATOR. I took it and improved it a bit.
    This is a simple icon creator for the CSE.

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  17. This classic arcade game is now on color calculators! Use the white paddle at the
    bottom of the screen to bounce the ball off of the colored bricks. Breaking these
    bricks scores you points - see how high you can get! If you beat your high score,
    then it will be saved on the high score counter. Written in only BASIC, this game
    still runs quite smoothly and quickly. There are two programs included: one for
    faster calculators, and one for slower calculators.

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  18. ZMath is a collection of the first few (mainly) math programs I ever made on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. It includes the following calculations:

    -nth term of Arithmetic Sequence
    -Arithmetic Series
    -Distance Formula
    -Area of Equilateral Triangle
    -Binomial Expansion
    -Basic PONG
    -Area of Regular Polygon
    -Area of Regular Triangle (Heron's Formula)

    As always, any and all feedback is appreciated! :)

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  19. How does it work, you say? Well, if you ever were playing a game using xLIBC and thought "Man, I wish I knew the value of that color! It's too hard for me to search for its exact value in IntCPick!", this is the thing for you!

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  20. This program, written entirely in BASIC, has a functional timer and a stopwatch accurate
    up to 1/100 of a second! (Depending on the calculator, of course.) It uses a calibration
    technique that makes the stopwatch accurate for whatever calculator you use it on.

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  21. For those of you who code on your calculator directly, this is an integer color mixer for the TI-84 Plus CSE. (Mainly used for reals.) Simply move the cursor around and select the color you want. When you press 2ND or Enter, it will display the value and save the value to V.

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  22. A simple game of NIM for two players:

    On your turn, you can take as many stones as you like, as long as they all come from the same pile. Whoever takes the very last stone loses.

    One note: sometimes the program will generate a very small amount of stones. Just relaunch the program; it randomizes the numbers every time as of v1.0.0

    This is my first original game ever, so please test it out and see what you think, and don't roast me for accidentally clearing your RAM. (It didn't clear mine...)

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  23. This was originally going to be an "improved homescreen" I was making but scrapped the idea and I thought I'd upload it to show how amazing it is to demonstrate how month and time detection can be great for programs. Depending on the season, the ground color will change. Depending on the time, the sky will change.

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  24. Welcome to StringReplace. This is the thing you always wanted! It's super easy. You can find a specific series of characters and replace them with anything super fast!

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  25. This requires CMonster. <br /><br />A 6 level aquatic animal themed CMonster pack! <br /> <br /> Difficulty: Easy

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  26. GraphAs is a tool designed to allow users to graph more functions at once than the TI-84 normally allows. Choose a graphing mode and watch it graph. More info in the README

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  27. The Julian Date Converter is a very simple program that will accurately converter between the standard date
    (Month, Day, Year) and the Julian Date. This program will also allow you to convert from the Julian Date to the
    standard date.

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  28. This is a game I made that can teach you to quickly convert between binary and decimal numbers. Read the readme for more info. Version 1.2

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  29. This version of Battleship is the standard 2-player turn-based game. You can place your own ships, or generate them randomly. This game DOES NOT use pictures, but it does use matrices [A] and [B].

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  30. Reversi, the classic tile-flipping game. Only 1397 bytes, this game offers both
    a basic computer and a two player game mode!
    The object of the game is to have more of your pieces on the board than the
    other player. The game starts off with two of your and two of the other player's
    pieces in the middle of the board. Each player then takes turns placing their
    pieces. You have to place your tile next to one (or more) of their tiles. All of
    the pieces that are in between your placement and another of your tiles get
    "flipped," or turned into yours. Once the board is filled, the game ends and
    whoever had the most pieces wins. Sometimes, there might not be an eligible
    move that you can make. In that case, you must pass your turn. The cursor is
    colored the same as whoever's turn it is.

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  31. You are going on an adventure with Mark and you get to choose where to go. You have three places that you can
    travel to: the desert, the forest, or a mountain. Each location will bring unexpected surprises and you have to choose what to do after each event. Be careful though, not every option is a good one. Continue at your risk,
    you have been warned...

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  32. A simple game that gives you random math problems. Improves your arithmetic skills. Pure TI-BASIC, should have no issue running without DoorsCSE, probably also works on TI-84 Plus CE

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  33. This program demonstrates coloring the foreground and background of homescreen text using Doors CSE 8.x's det(12) function. It generates a version of the classic Matrix animation, falling green characters on a black background. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 RC2 or higher to run.

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  34. Lists is a simple basic program that uses the calculator's pictures to store text
    that the program has you enter. You can have up to five lists stored at one time
    and each list has a title and can have up to 12 items entered into it. When creating a list the program will ask you enter a title and at least one item. Items can be added and removed from any list you create and you can delete a list just by hitting DEL. A pretty neat and easy to use program to try out.

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  35. This is a much faster version of Tuppers Formula being plotted on TI-84 CSE. It runs in under 6 minutes.

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  36. Brainfoo can interpret and compress(assemble) brain**** code. As it runs in TI Basic, it is pretty slow, but assembling to a list can speed that up.

    How assembling works: The assembler reads through the string and turns each character into a number. It also searches for the loop commands so that the assembly runner doesn't have to. This makes programs easier to store and faster to run.

    Please view the BFreadme.txt file in the archive and make sure to copy ALL the programs and lists to the calculator.

    V1.1 Bug fixes and code cleanup
    v1.0 - Release

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  37. A homescreen hook that appends the appropriate SI prefix (e.g. 'K' for kilo) to the results of a calculation done in ENG mode.

    Read the file for proper use and installation, or visit to see the documentation with images.

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  38. This is a simplistic maze generator for the CSE and CE. The code is old, but still plenty of fun to mess about with. Each maze will fill the screen, provide only one path to the exit, and only take a single-digit number of minutes to generate (maybe). A minigame to solve the maze is also bundled in.

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  39. This is a puzzle game where you are a caterpillar, inspired by the game Snakebird.
    In each level, you have to eat all of the fruit before making it to the goal. Each
    fruit makes you bigger, and because caterpillars cannot in fact phase through
    themselves, you have to be careful not to get stuck! Also, caterpillars are not
    immune to the force of gravity, so you will fall down if you aren't standing on
    something. Oh, and spikes. Did I mention the spikes? Yeah, those will kill you too if
    you're not careful. Although the earlier levels are somewhat easy, they get a LOT
    more difficult later on, providing you with plenty of playtime. There are 25 levels
    in total, and a level creator. If you create a cool level, send it to us and we could
    include it in the next game!

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  40. The classic game of Mancala, now on your calculator. Take turns playing against a friend, or practice your Mancala skills against a rigorous CPU AI.

    See readme.txt for instructions and controls.

    Tested working on 83+, 84+SE, and 84+CE. Should also run on 83 and 84+CSE, but untested.

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  41. This is an interpreter for the Hello/Hello++/Hello++++ esolangs made in TI-BASIC for the TI-83+/TI-84+/TI-84+ CSE.

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  42. NORMCHK is a program for checking if your data follows a Normal (Gaussian) distribution!

    Note: This Normality check relies on finding the correlation coefficient of the Normal probability or quantile (a.k.a "Q-Q") plot of a variable. There are MANY ways to assess the Normality of a sample distribution; this is one of them.

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  43. A maze game made in TI-BASIC. Inspired by the maze game found here:

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  44. This is a tech demo showcasing how dithering allows TI-BASIC programs to display up to 225 colors instead of the usual 15. Input a seed for the randomizer, and watch as this pure TI-BASIC program draws squares of up to 225 different colors.

    This technique is a bit too slow to be practical for use in games, but it looks cool.

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  45. Version: Pre-Alpha v0.1.0
    Licence: ⟪BSD-3-Clause⟫

    Duck Hunt is a classic game from the NES that has been enjoyed by generations of gamers. Now,
    You can experience the thrill of hunting ducks on your TI-84 Plus CE!

    • Multiple game modes, including 1 Duck Shooting, 2 Duck Shooting, and Clay Shooting
    • Bonus Duck types with various point amounts
    • Overall high-score
    • Compatible with TI-84 Plus CE calculator

    • [←→↓↑]: Move cursor
    • [2nd]: Shoot bullet
    • [mode]: Pause game
    • [del]: Quit to homescreen

    Copyright © 2023, Alvajoy123

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